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boundary dispute

Resolving boundary disputes on the farm

Boundary disputes can be one of the most emotionally fraught experiences farm owners may deal with. If you end up in court they are often expensive – so finding an...
negotiating a farm business tenancy

Negotiating a farm business tenancy – what to consider

Julie Liddle, director at Robson & Liddle Chartered Surveyors, offers advice on how farmers should approach negotiating a Farm Business Tenancy and how to avoid future surprises.
sell my farm

Should I sell my farm or lease it?

The decision whether to sell a farm or to lease it is one many farmers and landowners will agonise over at some stage. John Robson, director at Robson & Liddle...
option agreements

The golden rules of negotiating option agreements

Option agreements are a great way for landowners to reduce risk when a third party is interested in buying some of their land for development. Rural property adviser Julie Liddle...
grazing land cumbria

Grazing land: licence or tenancy?

It’s the time of year when farmers look to take on grazing land, but is it best to take the land under licence, a short-term tenancy or another form of...

What will minimum energy efficiency standards mean for landlords?

Landlords of all forms of let property have just over a year to ensure the buildings they lease meet minimum energy efficiency standards. Rural property adviser Julie Liddle explains what...
access to grid land values

Valuing land with access to the grid

Landowners often approach us with queries about how to maximise the value of their land. Many are realising the potential of leasing to energy companies. Julie Liddle looks at the...
autumn statement 2016 farming

What will Autumn Statement 2016 bring for farmers?

Julie Liddle looks ahead to the autumn statement on November 23 and outlines some of the key areas where farmers will be hoping for the chancellor to act to support...
rural land prices 2017

Where are rural land prices heading in 2017 and beyond?

Rural land values are likely to be hit by the Brexit uncertainty. However, longer term prosperity could be in store for UK farmers. Julie Liddle examines the UK picture.
wayleave on farmland

Changing a wayleave on farmland – what are my rights?

Many landowners will be familiar with the term ‘wayleave’ if they have utility apparatus crossing their land. But what does mean in practical terms? Julie Liddle looks at the issues...
public footpath farm

Protecting public footpaths on your farm

Many farmers come across the issue of protecting public rights of way, and the need to balance this protection with their ability to run a profitable business. Julie Liddle looks...
farming partnership agreement

What goes in a farming partnership agreement?

Many farming businesses are operated as partnerships, but many do not have a formal written farming partnership agreement. Julie Liddle explains why signing on the dotted line can have far...