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Kate Spottiswood

Kate is latest recruit for Penrith chartered surveyors

Kate Spottiswood has joined Robson & Liddle as its latest student surveyor, becoming the firm's second recruit in two months.
share farming

Does share farming hold the key to succession?

Farmers approaching retirement are increasingly concerned about succession issues, while new entrants struggle to start up a business. Julie Liddle explains why share farming is a solution worth looking at.
farming brexit

What are the early implications of Brexit for farmers?

No industry has more at stake following the Brexit vote than agriculture. Julie Liddle at Robson & Liddle discusses some of the most immediate questions.
Ann Tyson Robson and Liddle

Farmer’s daughter Ann joins Penrith surveyors

Robson & Liddle is delighted to welcome Ann Tyson to the team. Ann has been appointed as a PA to directors John Robson and Julie Liddle.
selling agricultural land for housing

Selling agricultural land for housing development

The housing shortage means developers will pay good money for suitable farm land, while government policy is enabling more planning refusals to be overturned on appeal. Julie Liddle outlines the...
energy storage on the farm

Energy storage on the farm – A viable opportunity?

There is widespread belief among renewables industry experts that this is a pivotal year for energy storage. Julie Liddle assesses how farmers may take advantage.
uccession planning for farmers

Succession planning for farmers: Getting it right

Succession planning is an especially sensitive, but utterly vital issue for farmers. John Robson, a director of Robson & Liddle, discusses some of the main considerations.
agricultural workers dwelling

Gaining planning consent for an agricultural workers dwelling

Building a new home in the country means satisfying a series of stringent planning conditions. Julie Liddle, a director of Robson & Liddle, looks at how it may be possible...
brexit UK farming

What does the Brexit mean for British farmers?

Perhaps no sector of the UK economy has as much at stake in the EU referendum than agriculture. Julie Liddle discusses some of the main issues surrounding the Brexit debate.

Can I sell sporting rights to my land?

Rising demand for sporting rights means farmers and landowners can benefit significantly by selling or leasing those rights, as John Robson explains.
mining minerals on farm

Is it possible to extract minerals on my farm?

Locating underground mineral deposits can unlock hidden value as farms look to diversify. Julie Liddle explains more about what’s involved.
tenanted property compliance

Keeping your property and land compliant

John Robson provides a recap on some of the main compliance issues for property and land owners to address.