wayleave on farmland

Many landowners will be familiar with the term ‘wayleave’ if they have utility apparatus crossing their land. But what does mean in practical terms? Julie Liddle looks at the issues involved.

public footpath farm

Many farmers come across the issue of protecting public rights of way, and the need to balance this protection with their ability to run a profitable business. Julie Liddle looks at the issues.

Rising demand for sporting rights means farmers and landowners can benefit significantly by selling or leasing those rights, as John Robson explains.

mining minerals on farm

Locating underground mineral deposits can unlock hidden value as farms look to diversify. Julie Liddle explains more about what’s involved.

Selling a farm

Selling a farm can be a daunting process that takes planning and patience. John Robson, a director of Robson & Liddle, offers five tips to help farm owners sell more quickly and maximise value.

farm residential portfolio income

Many farmers and landowners could be commanding more rental income from their residential farm properties. Julie Liddle, a director of Robson & Liddle, shares four tips to improve portfolio performance.