access to grid land values

Landowners often approach us with queries about how to maximise the value of their land. Many are realising the potential of leasing to energy companies. Julie Liddle looks at the issues.

rural land prices 2017

Rural land values are likely to be hit by the Brexit uncertainty. However, longer term prosperity could be in store for UK farmers. Julie Liddle examines the UK picture.

wayleave on farmland

Many landowners will be familiar with the term ‘wayleave’ if they have utility apparatus crossing their land. But what does mean in practical terms? Julie Liddle looks at the issues involved.

public footpath farm

Many farmers come across the issue of protecting public rights of way, and the need to balance this protection with their ability to run a profitable business. Julie Liddle looks at the issues.

farming brexit

No industry has more at stake following the Brexit vote than agriculture. Julie Liddle at Robson & Liddle discusses some of the most immediate questions.

Rising demand for sporting rights means farmers and landowners can benefit significantly by selling or leasing those rights, as John Robson explains.

tenanted property compliance

John Robson provides a recap on some of the main compliance issues for property and land owners to address.

Julie Liddle, a director of Robson & Liddle, explains how changes announced in the Autumn Statement 2015 will impact on farmers and landowners.

summer budget changes for farmers

George Osborne’s summer budget on July 8 included measures likely to have some impact on farmers and landowners, some positive and some negative.