The Uncertainties Of Grazing Agreements

Granting an agreement to let someone onto your land comes with its dangers and uncertainties. It is important to understand the details before problems arise.

What is Nutrient Neutrality and how does it affect planning?

The rising levels of nitrates and phosphates in rivers, estuaries and wetlands have brought growing concern to Local Authorities and development almost to a standstill.
Class Q Permitted Development Right

Class Q Permitted Development Right

Class Q of the Town & Country General Permitted Development (England) Order permits the change of use of agricultural buildings to dwellings.

DEFRA Announces Delinked Basic Payment Scheme

Further detail on Delinked Payments has been long awaited, but information has finally been published by DEFRA.

Farming In Protected Landscapes Scheme

FIPL application window opened in Summer 2021 and will end in March 2024. This scheme is part of DEFRA’s Agricultural Transition Plan and will provide funding for one off project’s...

Big opportunities lie ahead for Farmers this Autumn

In November 2020 we saw the adoption of the Agriculture Act 2020 within the UK which set the parameters for the future direction of farming support and regulation.

DEFRA’s Lump Sum Scheme – What might be on offer?

Following confirmation that the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) will be phased out by 2027, DEFRA have launched a consultation, that will run until the 11th August 2021, regarding further changes...

Creating a Residential Tenancy – Getting the paperwork right!

When creating an Assured Shorthold Tenancy it is imperative that all of the paperwork is in order to avoid creating a tenancy with greater security of tenure than intended.

Good Housekeeping – but not just for the House

Useful information to highlight a few issues that regularly pop up but really are no more than good housekeeping which can be done at any time.

Making Advances Now In Challenging Times

What will a farming business look like in 2030? ….. a thought provoking question! Will our farming enterprises be more diverse? The answer is yes without a shadow of a...

Providing Access to Utility Companies – What to do….

We all know that Government are looking to kickstart the economy, in part, by building and developing. The infrastructure necessary for this to happen is something you, as a landowner...

Agriculture Act 2020 – A New Beginning?

After almost a year in the making the Agriculture Bill was finally enacted on 11th November 2020, now entitled the Agriculture Act 2020, and comes into full force on the 11th...