Landlords and tenants: Changes to your tenancy


If you have an old style tenancy, being that under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986, there are changes that came into force on May 17, 2015.

In summary, Repairing and Maintenance responsibilities have been updated to reflect current farming trends/items as well as the amount recoverable by a tenant for undertaking works that are a landlord’s responsibility.

The liability for Maintenance, Repair and Insurance of fixed equipment on agricultural holdings is defined by ‘Model Clauses’, which allocate responsibility between the parties, and have been around since 1948. If you have an AHA tenancy it will have been drafted to rely on defined responsibilities to each party, so this latest revision of the Model Clauses, is just one of several over the years.

It is vitally important to know exactly what you are liable for and, what may have changed that affects you, in these recent revisions.