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Making Advances Now In Challenging Times

25th February 2021

What will a farming business look like in 2030? … a thought provoking question!

Will our farming enterprises be more diverse? The answer is yes without a shadow of a doubt.

Who will be farming by then? Will land tenure be the same or more flexible?  There will be  more use of Joint Ventures such as Partnership Agreements and Contract Farming. Risk sharing will become the norm rather than the exception.  Innovation in farming is nothing new but we can expect the pace of change to outstrip anything we have experienced to date.

Extreme care has to be exercised when committing any form of agreement to paper. You would be well advised never to rely on a hand shake you have to know what will happen if things start to go wrong for whatever reason.

So what will our land uses be by then? This one question alone creates more questions than answers. This encompasses many aspects, novel food production techniques, adding carbon sequestration, Natural Capital, the Environment Bill to the mix – hopefully the wheels on this one moving again after the current parliamentary recess. The rule makers set the parameters within which we all have to work but there is precious little on expected outcomes.  Hopefully completion of the legislation will at least allow the sector time and opportunity to adjust and adjust it will. Do nothing at your peril!

The Environment Bill alongside the proposed Planning Reforms will bring in biodiversity net gain through Natural England’s unit measures to help local authorities assess the loss incurred by developing land for housing or employment. Grand aims and aspirations – for farm and land managers to deliver.

There is much change in the pipeline.

We as a firm are constantly evolving, in what we offer, how we offer it, and generally keeping pace with the massive changes that are coming.

Every rural operator within the boundaries of Brexit and a pandemic wreaking havoc with lives and businesses, needs to carefully consider their position, and constantly monitor their businesses. Change is coming the art is knowing when to move and which direction to go.

We are here to help farmers and land owners navigate this quickly changing rural landscape.