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Providing Access to Utility Companies – What to do….

21st January 2021

We all know that Government are looking to kickstart the economy, in part, by building and developing. The infrastructure necessary for this to happen is something you, as a landowner or occupier, need to be aware of.

Dealing effectively and robustly with third party interests over land is an important consideration for farmers and landowners, so take care to understand your position when water pipes, Highways or Network rail, plus numerous others who ask to cross your land.

Farmers and landowners often undertake to negotiate with these parties themselves… and rarely do they come out with the best deal or one which equates to others in the area.

Just because someone knocks on your door, or sends you a polite letter stating what they wish to do and what they’ll pay for (if anything), you will be putting yourself in a disadvantaged position to that of the neighbour, who takes advice, particularly so if compounds or any form of occupation is required.

There are many matters to negotiate – don’t be convinced into thinking otherwise.

Without advice, you are very likely to sign up to something that on the face of it sounds good, whereas in reality, you are entitled, as the landowner or occupier, to have professional representation; an adviser to act on your behalf.  What is more (and it is rarely mentioned) is that the professional fees form part of the claim.

Being able to get on with day-to-day business operations without the distraction of dealing with utility companies, phone companies and road and rail network operators, is paramount.  Very often they want access at very short notice, but it pays not to be pressurised and take advice!

Our team is fully versed in dealing with all issues relating to third party interests, compulsory purchase and compensation in the following areas:

  • Wayleave and easement payments for water pipes, gas pipes, power lines, etc
  • Compulsory purchase orders e.g. road and rail development
  • Compensation schemes
  • Network Rail access

And any other utility or infrastructure access requirements.  All you need to do is pick up the phone.