• Strategic advice

We work collaboratively with our clients as trusted advisers and business strategy specialists.

By working with our team, you can access experience and know-how across a range of business issues.

Our wide-ranging commercial understanding can help you make better, more informed decisions today to create a firm foundation for future success.

Areas we advise on include:

  • Business audit and annual reviews: Our annual reviews help you evaluate practices currently in place, whether they need adjustment, and to thoroughly understand your business’ direction of travel. This rigorous analysis encourages fresh business growth, while keeping key stakeholders informed, as well as ensuring all revenue streams are optimised.
  • Business planning: We work with clients to discover their ambitions and realise them through effective business planning. A strong business plan can help you to secure funding, focus on key activities, and identify new opportunities.
  • Non-exec Director: Owners can benefit enormously from bringing in our industry experts as non-executives. They act as a sounding board, delivering objective advice to help manage issues and create an environment for success.
  • Brexit: Farm businesses face huge changes in a post Brexit world. Our Brexit experts can guide you through the regulatory maze as the farming industry adapts to new systems. We can also help you make the most of the opportunities that will arise as the government phases out direct payments for food production and introduces an environmental land management (ELM) scheme.
  • Succession planning: All businesses should look at succession planning – especially family-run operations. We work as trusted advisers to all generations in a family operation. We understand the sensitivities around getting agreements in place and can deliver value-adding advice on issues such as managing a gradual handover from one generation to the next, as well as the technicalities of capital gains tax and inheritance tax, plus questions of finance.